Jul 22 19

Why Do Laptops Matter?


The “Homework Gap” and More from the Research: Our “Why”

So you may be thinking, why laptops? Why is HTI centered around providing laptops to communities. In this age it seems there are technology devices everywhere. And they mostly are… because they are needed… for everything.

Think about it. Online is the way we do everything. We can pay our bills online, grocery shop online, and for a few out there reading this, even met their significant others online! It’s an interesting world we live in. And whether we appreciate the technological advancement for it’s convenience, or grow increasingly frustrated to the decline of true face-to-face interaction, it has become an important part of our world that many are able to partake in.

Unfortunately, that does not always include everyone. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2016, 46 percent of lower-income households do not have a laptop or any computer device. On the other side, middle income households and higher income households that do not own a laptop or any computer devices, are only 13 or 3 percent respectively.

You may be wondering if this is a big deal, considering smart phones do exist. Unfortunately as our society becomes more and more dependent on devices for every day tasks, it seems that smartphones are not capable to work for everything, all of the time, especially for families.

Take school for example. More and more, schools are using online programs to use for homework. There are even some studies that point to 7 out of 10 teachers assigning homework that must be completed online. That’s a lot of children that have to deal with online homework, yet Pew Research found that 1 in 5 students do not have access to a computer or internet to complete his or her homework. This is contributing to the phenomenon known as the “Homework Gap.”

Another example we use a lot around here. Job applications. Have you ever filled one out? All of the questions and specifics, it can take hours of work! Imagine not being able to do that on a computer.

There is so much out there, but these are some of the biggest areas of needs in our communities. This is a part of our “why.” We plan to share more and more of our why on this blog, so keep a look out.

We would love to have you partner with us by helping get more computers into the hands of people in need.  If you have used laptops sitting at home you would like to donate, if your company or corporation is looking to upgrade their current devices, if you would like to spread the word or donate cash, we would welcome you gladly.  Check out our FAQ page https://hubzonetech.org/faqs.html  for any answers to questions you may have, and go to our donation page to reach out https://hubzonetech.org/donate_laptops.html Old laptops create new opportunities!