Feb 2 21

What Black History Month Means to HTI


Beginning in 1976, Black History Month called upon the public to honor the often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area throughout history. The basis of this celebration was to shed light on a marginalized group who, despite obstacles and adversity, made sizeable contributions to society.

HTI was created with a mission of equality to bridge the gap of access to technology and opportunity for all individuals. As an organization, HTI works to serve those who are underemployed, unemployed, or students and allow them, regardless of background, to take the steps in furthering and bettering their lives.

As it’s known, Black Americans are a largely marginalized group with limited opportunities for economic success. However, the success of many historical figures especially in STEM fields showcase the ability of those if given proper resources. We look to be a stepping stone in creating more historic contributions and inventions by providing laptops and easing stress on either finding employment or furthering education.