Jul 12 19

Students Can Do Homework!


Laptops Go to Students with A LOT of Homework!

Most of us can remember the pains of homework.  For some of us it is a fairly recent or current memory, for others of us… it has been a few years.  But think back to the homework load you once carried. Now imagine you were only allowed to complete that homework at a public place with computer access.  You are now tasked with finding time around extracurricular activities, part time jobs, computer/resource waiting times, and opening hours for many of these facilities.  This will more than likely complicate your homework completion. This is the reality of many students today without computer access.

Laptops for Students

HTI recently donated to the Wake Forest Boys and Girls Club, an organization we are proud to partner with.  We are so pleased to find donated computers went to homes really in need.  

The Boys and Girls Club designated the first two donated computers to a family with 4 pre-teen/teenagers in the home!  That’s a huge homework load! We are happy to hear this family will benefit from this added resource. The Boys and Girls Club says, “… their mom used to have to use our labs to send out resumes, pay bills, etc. and now she is able to do that at home!”

The third computer was donated to a teenager who has struggled with keeping up with her homework.  The Boys and Girls Club says, “… She can only work on homework when she’s at the Club and she gets picked up pretty early.  When she gets here she can go onto google classrooms, download her homework then complete it when she gets home.” This laptop allows more time for this student to focus on and complete her homework to the best of her abilities.  

You can be a part of this too!  We would love to have you partner with us by helping get more computers into the hands of people in need.  If you have used laptops sitting at home you would like to donate, if your company or corporation is looking to upgrade their current devices, if you would like to spread the word or donate cash, we would welcome you gladly.  Check out our FAQ page https://hubzonetech.org/faqs.html  for any answers to questions you may have, and go to our donation page to reach out https://hubzonetech.org/donate_laptops.html Old laptops create new opportunities!