Dec 15 21

Improving Computer Literacy Across Generations — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

At HTI we believe that learning knows no bounds and that everyone should have the opportunity to be up to date on technology.  As we make our own guides to help more senior individuals understand the growing com cities of the digital space, they can only learn so much without the proper access to technology. 

Henderson citizen Ulice Evans, 65, is just one of many retired individuals with a vitality and thirst for learning and keepi; up with these changing times. 

“With technology rising it is almost impossible to survive without updating your skills in computers,” Evans said. 

Ulice joined the Spoken Existence Ministries class to learn how to better use a Google Chrome tablet and communicate more effectively. However, Ulice realizes that especially in the time of COVID she needs full access to technology when at home and while on the go to communicate with her grandchildren, apply for jobs, and be an active member in her church activities. 

As a loving community member who also serves food to the needy Monday to Friday with The Golden Age Club of Henderson Rec. Dept, Acts of Henderson, we at HTI are thrilled to donate to Ulice as part of our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. 

If you would like to help members of the community who are looking to improve their lives through technology, please consider donating to HTI. Visit our website to fill out a donation form or call us to learn how you can help with our efforts.