Apr 20 21

HTI Celebrating and Preserving the Planet

Tranelle Maner

Every April 22 marks the anniversary of the the modern environmental movement from 1970, Earth Day. 

Leading up to its establishment, Americans found themselves adjusting to poor air quality due to an increase in factory production and the booming automobile industry. However, concern for the state of the planet and availability of natural resources grew overtime. 

In the 21st century, Earth Day is used to celebrate and continue to bring awareness to the many efforts to combat environmental concerns, especially the threat of global warming and renewable energy sources. 

HTI is doing our part to protect the planet by being a resource for proper recycling and reusing of old laptops.

This year to honor Earth Day, HTI will be hosting a two week-long laptop drive in the Henderson and Raleigh area. During this drive individuals can visit one of our many drop-off locations and give away their own working laptop(s).

Donating unused technology can and should be a year-round effort. Cleaning out your closet or emptying your drawers can help cleans the environment, support the local community and benefits the economy.