Jun 19 21

HTI Celebrates Juneteenth

Tranelle Maner

This year, HTI proudly celebrates Juneteenth. While the holiday has recently garnered a lot of attention, the celebration dates back to 1865. On June 19, Major General Gordon Granger traveled to Galveston, Texas, ordering the last remaining slaves to be freed.

We celebrate this holiday to recognize the sacrifices made, plus the obstacles endured and overcome by so many Black people.

Additionally, HTI’s mission emphasizes liberating people from environments of struggle to better take advantage of opportunities to grow and thrive. Our efforts fuel the aspirations of people through the support of organizations that support them. We honor the ideal of Juneteenth by working to build more resilient and prosperous communities.

Please join us as we celebrate Juneteenth through the perspectives of a few sharing their impressions of this important legacy. Finally, we wish to express our appreciation to the North Carolina congressional delegation and everyone who supported making Juneteenth an official national holiday!

Take a look at our social media and YouTube to view the collaborative efforts of individuals who believe in the importance of this holiday and both illuminating the need to continually recognize the need for change and equality within minority communities.