Dec 16 21

Giving to Those Who Give Back — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

During the holiday season it’s important to recognize those whose giving spirit extends throughout the entire year. Toni Terry of Henderson is a great example of this person serving as the Educational Coordinator at the Salvation Army of Henderson, she tutors children struggling in school. 

Toni asked for HTI’s help to better assist her students with a Google Chromebook and further her own educational studies. 

“While tutoring, I often have times when I try to show my students a better broken down example via video but it’s more difficult without a computer,” she said. 

We at HTI are excited for the future of Toni and her students as consistent access to technology will provide them the opportunity to fully access all resources and excel in whatever they pursue. 

If you would like to help members of the community who are looking to improve their lives through technology, please consider donating to HTI. Visit our website to fill out a donation form or call us to learn how you can help with our efforts.