Nov 24 20

Embracing the Spirit of Thanksgiving


“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” – Arthur Ashe

As we approach Thanksgiving week, our schedules are often consumed with two things: preparation for a grand Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas shopping. While celebrating with relatives and obtaining favorable deals on Black Friday are amazing opportunities that constitute the Thanksgiving Spirit, it can be easy to overlook other areas of our lives where we are also fully blessed and can be of blessing to others. 

As we watched the pandemic unfold this year, we were able to witness the numerous challenges it imposed on the world, each unique for every generation. With social distancing in place, 2020 experienced radical changes, many of which for children included jumping from in-school learning to virtual classes. For many adults, this meant switching commutes, up-close interaction with co-workers, and the corporate environment for remote work at home. 

And for the older population, the strike of COVID-19 now means investing in technology that they previously did not have before in order to attend virtual doctor appointments, connect with family, and apply for jobs. 

For many of us before the pandemic, perhaps a laptop did not carry as much significance. If we have owned one for quite some time, chances are we have probably taken it somewhat for granted. This Thanksgiving season, HTI invites you to take a moment and reflect. How has owning a laptop positively changed your life? In what ways has it helped you achieve your goals? Just as you have been blessed, we want to encourage you to be a blessing to others!

To date, HTI has donated over 150 laptops to organizations across North Carolina and we aim to keep making a difference. If you would like to help the organization, spread the word about who we are and what we do. You can also donate a laptop or make a monetary donation by visiting our website > Donate Laptops or Donate Funds. 

Thank YOU for collaborating, believing in the HTI mission, and edifying the lives of others. Happy Thanksgiving!