Oct 27 20

Chromebook Donations Ease the Stress of Homeschooling

Home Schooling

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the scope of education for the 2020 school year. However, one mom says the donation of a refurbished Chromebook to her son has made all the difference in his education and both of their lives.

In March, many children and their families were thrust into the world of virtual homeschooling. Worlds were turned upside down, especially for those who depend on the services and supplies of the school building to educate their kids.

Samuel Grishaw is part of the Wake County Public School system and now has his third-grade class online. As the son of a single mother and immigrant, Marya said she struggled to have him keep up with his assignments online.

Samuel and his mother are members of StepUp Ministries a non-profit working with adults and children with the goal to transform their lives through employment and life skills training. Mayra joined the non-profit program hoping it would allow her son the chance to find great opportunity and role models.

HTI helped donated to StepUp to give a Chromebook to children like Samuel to ease his family’s strain. According to his mom, since having the Chromebook he’s been able to successfully work through his homeschooling and access additional resources.

Helping children and families like Samuel is the main objective of HTI. When HTI takes in donated laptops and converts them to Chromebooks, a new world of opportunities and resources are made available for those who didn’t have access before.

For those who want to help impact the lives of individuals by donating, visit hubzonetech.org to learn more.