Dec 23 21

Helping the Younger Generation — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

When the coronavirus pandemic hit millions of individuals were struck with the realization that they needed to continue their regular lives but did not have the means to do so. One of the most universal examples are those in school who didn’t have the technology at home to continue their lessons or fulfill all their duties. 

Mitchell Barbour is an 11-year-old from Clayton, North Carolina who reached out to HTI to receive a Chromebook laptop to complete his homework and get better tutoring. 

Mitchell’s mother unfortunately passed away earlier this year leaving him and his brother to stay in the home of his grandmother who has no computer at all while his father is at work. 

HTI is excited to announce Mitchell as another recipient of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. We are so happy to help Mitchell in his early days now and see where his education takes him in the future. 

If you would like to help members of the community who are looking to improve their lives through technology, please consider donating to HTI. Visit our website to fill out a donation form or call us to learn how you can help with our efforts.

Dec 22 21

Using Technology to Improve Your Lifestyle — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

Simple things like work and lifestyle management are hard to imagine without consistent access to a computer. 

Alexis Amato of Raleigh, North Carolina is looking to get on her feet and do more for herself with a Chromebook donation from HTI.

Alexis shared with HTI that she’s trying to reenroll in school and apply for a full-time job and would find the best success with her own personal device. 

“ I know everyone takes little things for granted! But you can do so much more even with the simple gift of a computer it will completely make a difference in my world for the better,” she shares. 

As Alexis expressed challenges with her current class attendance and work management, we at HTI are excited to see the development of her future by awarding her a new laptop. 

If you’d like to be apart of someone’s journey in transforming their life or the lives of those they help in the community please visit our website to donate to HTI.

Dec 21 21

Gaining Independence from Personal Technology — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

It’s easily forgotten how access to technology can make a person feel more independent. Especially in our current climate the ability to do things from home allows everyone to still feel like they have some semblance of control or autonomy in such an unpredictable time. 

Raleigh resident, Shaude Cooper has asked for HTI’s help to have this same feeling as she heals from recent health issues and looks to the future. 

As a recipient of HTI’s 12 of Christmas Giveaway, Shaude plans to use her laptop to take online classes toward a nursing degree and become a notary. 

We at HTI are so happy to help Shaude as she looks to become a member of the medical industry, which does so much for our country. 

If you’d like to be apart of someone’s journey in transforming their life or the lives of those they help in the community please visit our website to donate to HTI.

Dec 17 21

Using Technology to Alleviate Stress and Combat Substance Abuse — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

Back in August, HTI discussed how stress can be a catalyst for substance abuse in someone’s life. Stress can be caused by multiple factors including job loss, eviction, and domestic violence. 

Erica Lewis is a mother of five and domestic violence survivor looking to use technology to transform not only her life but those of fellow survivors.

“I have experienced a lot of trauma and I just want to give back and help women that have been through what I have been through,” she said. 

Erica is affiliated with Gang Free Inc. and recently accepted into Liberty University to further my degree. HTI is happy to offer Erica a Google Chromebooks laptop as part of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.

We are excited to see the positive impact this donation makes on Erica, her children, and all those who will hear her story of triumph. 

If you’d like to be apart of someone’s journey in transforming their life or the lives of those they help in the community please visit our website to donate to HTI.

Dec 16 21

Giving to Those Who Give Back — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

During the holiday season it’s important to recognize those whose giving spirit extends throughout the entire year. Toni Terry of Henderson is a great example of this person serving as the Educational Coordinator at the Salvation Army of Henderson, she tutors children struggling in school. 

Toni asked for HTI’s help to better assist her students with a Google Chromebook and further her own educational studies. 

“While tutoring, I often have times when I try to show my students a better broken down example via video but it’s more difficult without a computer,” she said. 

We at HTI are excited for the future of Toni and her students as consistent access to technology will provide them the opportunity to fully access all resources and excel in whatever they pursue. 

If you would like to help members of the community who are looking to improve their lives through technology, please consider donating to HTI. Visit our website to fill out a donation form or call us to learn how you can help with our efforts.

Dec 15 21

Improving Computer Literacy Across Generations — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

At HTI we believe that learning knows no bounds and that everyone should have the opportunity to be up to date on technology.  As we make our own guides to help more senior individuals understand the growing com cities of the digital space, they can only learn so much without the proper access to technology. 

Henderson citizen Ulice Evans, 65, is just one of many retired individuals with a vitality and thirst for learning and keepi; up with these changing times. 

“With technology rising it is almost impossible to survive without updating your skills in computers,” Evans said. 

Ulice joined the Spoken Existence Ministries class to learn how to better use a Google Chrome tablet and communicate more effectively. However, Ulice realizes that especially in the time of COVID she needs full access to technology when at home and while on the go to communicate with her grandchildren, apply for jobs, and be an active member in her church activities. 

As a loving community member who also serves food to the needy Monday to Friday with The Golden Age Club of Henderson Rec. Dept, Acts of Henderson, we at HTI are thrilled to donate to Ulice as part of our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. 

If you would like to help members of the community who are looking to improve their lives through technology, please consider donating to HTI. Visit our website to fill out a donation form or call us to learn how you can help with our efforts.

Dec 14 21

Aiding the Future of Medicine — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

More than any other time, the Coronavirus pandemic emphasized the digital divide or disparity in access to reliable technology. Although the world’s increased digitization propelled many into new fields and levels of education, others struggled to keep up with classes or employment because of their lack of technology. 

One of those people is full-time Vance-Granville Community College student Marian Harris. Marian is a mother and aspiring medical assistant. However, Marian has found it challenging to manage the education of her and her 8th-grade son, who share a laptop to view lessons and complete homework assignments. 

Thankfully, Marian is one of 12 lucky selected individuals to receive a free Google Chromebook donation from HTI as part of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. 

We at HTI are so excited to see what endeavors lay ahead for her and her family as they reach success with more consistent and accessible technology at hand. Especially in the time of COVID, it’s a pleasure to do our part in aiding the future of medical practice.

Aug 3 21

Substance Abuse: What Is It and Who Does It Affect?

Tranelle Maner

As the world is beginning to return to regular activity amid a post pandemic world it’s important to highlight the effects lockdown and isolation has had on the public. More Americans died of drug overdoses than ever last year. Despite the presence and widespread use of the instant lifesaving Narcan treatment, deaths rose by a horrific 30 percent.

Job loss, eviction, and facility closings are all factors that lead to an increase in substance abuse and in some cases death. In the most recent statistics, nearly 20 million Americans age 12 and over needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol use problem — but only 2.5 million received treatment at a specialized facility. If you’re someone who needs help with addiction, it’s worth knowing that there are many different routes to recovery. This ultimate guide will help you understand the most common types of addiction, how to get help, and what sort of support is available out there for you.

What Is A Substance Addiction?

To be “addicted” to drugs or alcohol means that you have an uncontrollable desire to use these substances, despite the negative impact that they’ve had on your life. While you can become addicted to almost anything, drug addiction and alcohol addiction are two of the most common types of substance abuse disorders.This means you’ve chosen one of these substances because you’ve developed a strong desire to use them. Examples of habits that can make someone addicted to drugs include recurring drug abuse or binge drinking.

What Makes Someone Addicted To Drugs Or Alcohol?

There are many theories and reasons as to why people develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Some people believe that there may be a genetic predisposition to addiction. This means that if someone in your family has an addiction, you may be more likely to develop an addiction. Other people believe that some people are more likely to use drugs or alcohol because of their environment.For instance, if someone in your family is constantly stressed because of their job, it’s likely that they’re going to find it difficult to deal with everyday life without drugs to ease the pressure. People who live in impoverished areas often grow up thinking of drugs as an easy way out of their day-to-day struggles.

How Do You Know If Someone Is An Addict?

Does their job involve them coming home after a long day at work, having a few drinks and nodding off without realizing it? Or is it when they come home from the dentist and stack 3–4 cocktails in front of them without a second thought. It seems that everyone has some sort of substance abuse problem, but it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what kind of addiction someone is having.
There are 5 stages of addiction: 1) pre-contemplation 2) contemplation 3) preparation 4) action 5) maintenance.

Many addicts don’t realise that they have a problem. They become unaware that they’re taking a drug too often or that their drug use has become a habit.

There are a couple of different types of substance abuse disorders — casual use, nonmedical use, and medical use. It can be very confusing at first to decipher exactly what kind of abuser someone is. They might start experimenting with a friend or binge-watch the latest TV series or movie. Gambling or excessive spending might also start to creep in. However, what seems like a harmless diversion can soon spiral out of control.


Drug or alcohol addiction is a progressive disease that can take over an individual’s life if left untreated. There are many signs that someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, but there is also help available for those who feel they need it.

May 19 21

Mental Health Awareness: The Homeless Community

Tranelle Maner

This month, as we continue to bring attention to those who have mental illness, it is vital to highlight the struggles that can occur for those suffering in silence without healthcare. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 20 to 25% of the homeless population in the United States suffers from some form of severe mental illness; in comparison, only 6% of Americans are severely mentally ill. Mental illness is one of the third largest causes of homelessness for single adults.

Suffering from mental illness disrupts people’s ability to carry out essential daily tasks that allow them to succeed in society. Everyday tasks like going to grocery stores, remembering to pay bills, continuing steady jobs, and relationships are things that people who have mental illness can struggle with that then cause them to become homeless later. Poor mental health can also affect physical health. Both before and after homelessness, people who suffer from mental health issues can find themselves also suffering from physically debilitating injuries/illnesses that prevent them from re-entering society. When combined with inadequate hygiene due to homelessness, poor mental health issues can also lead to poor hygiene problems or respiratory infections.

It is crucial when trying to support the homeless community to reach out to those looking to provide rehabilitative services because their struggle goes far beyond because their struggle can go far beyond a plate of food. At HTI, we’ve helped multiple groups that specialize in homeless endeavors. HTI has specifically worked with the Raleigh Rescue Mission, Oak City Cares, and Union Mission to help people with issues related to homelessness in the North Carolina Community. If you would like to do your part to help people in your community or North Carolina dealing with homelessness, as well as mental illness, please follow the resources below.

May 3 21

Mental Health Awareness: Helping Those Who Help Our Country

Tranelle Maner

People worldwide celebrate the sacrifice of veterans who put their lives on the line to defend the country. However, in the past and through the future, they have been ignored for their mental sacrifice and complex mental and behavioral challenges. Many active duty and previously active veterans have reported dealing with anxiety disorder, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and substance abuse, among other challenges.

The American Psychological Association reports, suicide and suicidal ideation or thoughts of suicide have become an increasing concern for veterans, service members, and their families.

According to a 2014 report by the Department of Defense, there were 1,080 suicide attempts (245 suicides) among active-duty service members for all armed services in 2013. Similarly, a recent study of 52,780 active-duty members of the U.S. Air Force found that 3 percent of male participants and 5.2 percent of female participants reported suicidal ideation in the previous year. Of the participants that reported suicidal ideation, 8.7 percent also reported a recent suicide attempt. 

Veterans from rural communities are at a particular disadvantage as they face challenges such as limited options for assessment and treatment and providers’ lack of awareness of military culture.

For veterans in NorthCarolina, help can be found at the Veterans Life Center. 

The Veterans Life Center is designed to help at-risk 21st Century veterans and prevent them from falling into crisis – chronic homelessness, incarceration, suicide, or premature death. Its mission is to improve the lives of North Carolina veterans by providing temporary housing and services to achieve self-reliance in two years or less.

HTI donated to the Veterans Life Center in 2020, hoping that these veterans will have an easier time finding jobs and other opportunities for housing and easier readjustment by providing laptops to the center. 

To find more resources for veterans in your area, visit to view the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Resources by state and zip code.