Mar 2 21

Bridging the Laptop Gap for Students and Families in Raleigh, NC


After saying goodbye to such a challenging year where many families faced uncertainty, anxiety, and hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HTI is grateful to welcome 2021 with hopes of shining light on the lives of many individuals. As the needs of many in our community continue to grow, so does our desire to make a difference and help those who strive to do the same. 

HTI recently provided five Chromebooks to Bridge the Gap in January, after learning how our initial donation in 2020 made such a significant impact in the lives of the kids served by the organization. 

Bridge The Gap Mission is a nonprofit organization located in Raleigh, NC. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life for low-income individuals in their community by providing for their immediate needs such as clothing. Bridge The Gap also offers educational programs, fundraising activities and has developed a virtual teaching hub for Wake County students with the mission of offering tutoring to families.

In October 2020, HTI supported Bridge The Gap by donating five Google Chromebooks to their organization. According to one of BTG’s directors, the laptops provided digital access to students without a computer at home. The donations have served as a valuable resource helping them receive the education they’ve always craved. 

Our organization is excited to receive continued testimonials on how the donations are benefiting the community and look forward to building a stronger relationship with Bridge The Gap.