Dec 14 21

Aiding the Future of Medicine — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

More than any other time, the Coronavirus pandemic emphasized the digital divide or disparity in access to reliable technology. Although the world’s increased digitization propelled many into new fields and levels of education, others struggled to keep up with classes or employment because of their lack of technology. 

One of those people is full-time Vance-Granville Community College student Marian Harris. Marian is a mother and aspiring medical assistant. However, Marian has found it challenging to manage the education of her and her 8th-grade son, who share a laptop to view lessons and complete homework assignments. 

Thankfully, Marian is one of 12 lucky selected individuals to receive a free Google Chromebook donation from HTI as part of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. 

We at HTI are so excited to see what endeavors lay ahead for her and her family as they reach success with more consistent and accessible technology at hand. Especially in the time of COVID, it’s a pleasure to do our part in aiding the future of medical practice.