Dec 10 21

Supporting the Community – Brenda’s Story

Tranelle Maner

Imagine having a condition that requires you to have support on a daily basis, but COVID prevents you from having that support? Brenda sustained a traumatic brain injury at the age of 23 when she was involved in a car accident. Now in her 50s, she is recovering from substance misuse and has been clean for eight years. With all the challenges she faces daily, Brenda is very thankful for the Chromebook she received from HTI. It has literally helped to save her life.
When the pandemic occurred Brenda was unable to attend her NA meetings in person and she didn’t always have the technology available to her to attend virtually. The computer has given her the ability to attend NA meetings daily and meet with her sponsor whenever she needed or wanted too. In these tough times Brenda having her resources is vital to prevent isolation and increase communication for her Wellness Recovery Plan. HTI provided Brenda with a computer. Brenda is very thankful and forever grateful!

This is how old laptops lead to new opportunities

Dec 23 21

Helping the Younger Generation — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

When the coronavirus pandemic hit millions of individuals were struck with the realization that they needed to continue their regular lives but did not have the means to do so. One of the most universal examples are those in school who didn’t have the technology at home to continue their lessons or fulfill all their duties. 

Mitchell Barbour is an 11-year-old from Clayton, North Carolina who reached out to HTI to receive a Chromebook laptop to complete his homework and get better tutoring. 

Mitchell’s mother unfortunately passed away earlier this year leaving him and his brother to stay in the home of his grandmother who has no computer at all while his father is at work. 

HTI is excited to announce Mitchell as another recipient of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. We are so happy to help Mitchell in his early days now and see where his education takes him in the future. 

If you would like to help members of the community who are looking to improve their lives through technology, please consider donating to HTI. Visit our website to fill out a donation form or call us to learn how you can help with our efforts.

Dec 22 21

Using Technology to Improve Your Lifestyle — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

Simple things like work and lifestyle management are hard to imagine without consistent access to a computer. 

Alexis Amato of Raleigh, North Carolina is looking to get on her feet and do more for herself with a Chromebook donation from HTI.

Alexis shared with HTI that she’s trying to reenroll in school and apply for a full-time job and would find the best success with her own personal device. 

“ I know everyone takes little things for granted! But you can do so much more even with the simple gift of a computer it will completely make a difference in my world for the better,” she shares. 

As Alexis expressed challenges with her current class attendance and work management, we at HTI are excited to see the development of her future by awarding her a new laptop. 

If you’d like to be apart of someone’s journey in transforming their life or the lives of those they help in the community please visit our website to donate to HTI.

Dec 21 21

Gaining Independence from Personal Technology — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

It’s easily forgotten how access to technology can make a person feel more independent. Especially in our current climate the ability to do things from home allows everyone to still feel like they have some semblance of control or autonomy in such an unpredictable time. 

Raleigh resident, Shaude Cooper has asked for HTI’s help to have this same feeling as she heals from recent health issues and looks to the future. 

As a recipient of HTI’s 12 of Christmas Giveaway, Shaude plans to use her laptop to take online classes toward a nursing degree and become a notary. 

We at HTI are so happy to help Shaude as she looks to become a member of the medical industry, which does so much for our country. 

If you’d like to be apart of someone’s journey in transforming their life or the lives of those they help in the community please visit our website to donate to HTI.

Dec 17 21

Using Technology to Alleviate Stress and Combat Substance Abuse — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

Back in August, HTI discussed how stress can be a catalyst for substance abuse in someone’s life. Stress can be caused by multiple factors including job loss, eviction, and domestic violence. 

Erica Lewis is a mother of five and domestic violence survivor looking to use technology to transform not only her life but those of fellow survivors.

“I have experienced a lot of trauma and I just want to give back and help women that have been through what I have been through,” she said. 

Erica is affiliated with Gang Free Inc. and recently accepted into Liberty University to further my degree. HTI is happy to offer Erica a Google Chromebooks laptop as part of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.

We are excited to see the positive impact this donation makes on Erica, her children, and all those who will hear her story of triumph. 

If you’d like to be apart of someone’s journey in transforming their life or the lives of those they help in the community please visit our website to donate to HTI.

Dec 16 21

Giving to Those Who Give Back — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

During the holiday season it’s important to recognize those whose giving spirit extends throughout the entire year. Toni Terry of Henderson is a great example of this person serving as the Educational Coordinator at the Salvation Army of Henderson, she tutors children struggling in school. 

Toni asked for HTI’s help to better assist her students with a Google Chromebook and further her own educational studies. 

“While tutoring, I often have times when I try to show my students a better broken down example via video but it’s more difficult without a computer,” she said. 

We at HTI are excited for the future of Toni and her students as consistent access to technology will provide them the opportunity to fully access all resources and excel in whatever they pursue. 

If you would like to help members of the community who are looking to improve their lives through technology, please consider donating to HTI. Visit our website to fill out a donation form or call us to learn how you can help with our efforts.

Dec 15 21

Improving Computer Literacy Across Generations — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

At HTI we believe that learning knows no bounds and that everyone should have the opportunity to be up to date on technology.  As we make our own guides to help more senior individuals understand the growing com cities of the digital space, they can only learn so much without the proper access to technology. 

Henderson citizen Ulice Evans, 65, is just one of many retired individuals with a vitality and thirst for learning and keepi; up with these changing times. 

“With technology rising it is almost impossible to survive without updating your skills in computers,” Evans said. 

Ulice joined the Spoken Existence Ministries class to learn how to better use a Google Chrome tablet and communicate more effectively. However, Ulice realizes that especially in the time of COVID she needs full access to technology when at home and while on the go to communicate with her grandchildren, apply for jobs, and be an active member in her church activities. 

As a loving community member who also serves food to the needy Monday to Friday with The Golden Age Club of Henderson Rec. Dept, Acts of Henderson, we at HTI are thrilled to donate to Ulice as part of our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. 

If you would like to help members of the community who are looking to improve their lives through technology, please consider donating to HTI. Visit our website to fill out a donation form or call us to learn how you can help with our efforts.

Dec 14 21

Aiding the Future of Medicine — 12 Days of Christmas

Tranelle Maner

More than any other time, the Coronavirus pandemic emphasized the digital divide or disparity in access to reliable technology. Although the world’s increased digitization propelled many into new fields and levels of education, others struggled to keep up with classes or employment because of their lack of technology. 

One of those people is full-time Vance-Granville Community College student Marian Harris. Marian is a mother and aspiring medical assistant. However, Marian has found it challenging to manage the education of her and her 8th-grade son, who share a laptop to view lessons and complete homework assignments. 

Thankfully, Marian is one of 12 lucky selected individuals to receive a free Google Chromebook donation from HTI as part of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. 

We at HTI are so excited to see what endeavors lay ahead for her and her family as they reach success with more consistent and accessible technology at hand. Especially in the time of COVID, it’s a pleasure to do our part in aiding the future of medical practice.

Dec 10 21

Medical Careers Readiness


HTI donated laptops to Medical Careers Readiness of North Carolina (MCR), a medical training center that serves the focused areas of Vance, Warren, Franklinton, and Granville county regions. Donated Chromebooks from HTI helped students to continue their studies and preparation to take National Exams. The impact has been both immediate and profound. Since HTI donated the devices students demonstrated a 30 percent score boosting success rates to 97 percent. MCR expressed strong appreciation for the opportunity to partner with HTI and hopes to receive additional Chromebooks to utilize for the students. MCR provides use of the devices for students that do not have technology resources available to them. As shown in the picture below, needs surpassed current supply. One student even had to rely on her mobile device to take her exam before the donation.

MCR strives to have devices available to help students achieve their goals and become successful. They expressed sincere gratitude for the work HTI does in the community and the impact that it has on small businesses and students’
success. At HTI, we count these successes as victories in the battle to build community resilience. The counties in which we serve have been designated by the government as socially and economically disadvantaged. According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 28 percent of Vance County residents lived below the federal poverty level and 60 percent higher than other NC counties. Based on the statistics, MCR understood the need to promote self-sufficiency to all people including low- and moderate-income families through specialized training programs that offer career development and sustainability.

Thankfully, HTI has been able to help in the past and will continue to support MCR in the future

Sep 29 21

Juniper Level: Refurbishing an Old School For New Opportunities


A century ago, two men with a shared dream of increasing educational opportunities for Black people came together. The results of their efforts are felt in and around Raleigh and throughout the nation. Their stories could not have involved more different origins. Still, they fused a common purpose in building Panther Branch, also called Juniper Level, and almost 20 other schools throughout the Raleigh area.

In his work Up From Slavery, renowned civil rights leader and educational pioneer Booker T. Washington described the first instance he heard of a school for Black people. He shared, “one day at the coal mine, I happened to overhear two miners talking about a great school for coloured people somewhere in Virginia.” As he strained to hear, Washington said he heard about “opportunities . . . provided by which poor, but worthy students” could work to pay for tuition, board, and supplies.”

“As they went on describing the school, it seemed to me to be the greatest place on earth, and not even Heaven presented more attractions to me at that time than the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in Virginia,” Washington recalled.

To build the school system he dreamed of, Washington partnered with Julius Rosenwald. Rosenwald was a Jewish entrepreneur and investor born during the most violent period of the Civil War in Springfield, Illinois. Raised by the owner of a small clothing store, Rosenwald developed what some called “a genius for retail.” His natural talent led him to invest in the innovative Sears and Roebuck company, becoming its president at 33.

Rosenwald’s instincts for philanthropy matched those of his entrepreneurial prowess. His generous nature coupled well with the idea that money donated should never be money wasted. Rosenwald once mused, “I can testify that it is nearly always easier to make $1,000,000 honestly than to dispose of it wisely.”

Rosenwald’s commitment to humanity stemmed from his devotion to his Reform Judaism faith. Uneasy with the great wealth that accompanied success and responsibility, he turned to his rabbi. Alongside teachings from his rabbi, Rosenwald studied Moses Maimonidies’ ideas on the eight degrees of charity. As a result, he became determined to share his wealth and wanted to do it in the most effective manner possible.

At the opening of the 20th century, education for many people of color meant more than pursuing career opportunities. For example, Jim Crow laws made participation in voting contingent on one’s ability to read and write. In addition, testing standards intentionally imposed disadvantages on people of color, requiring them to understand complicated text while white counterparts had to comprehend child-level literature.

Rosenwald approached Washington after reading his landmark autobiography. Coming from a historically oppressed community himself, Rosenwald reached out to Washington to work together to solve the mass undereducation of black youth in America.

Washington and Rosenwald resolved to help young black youths break down barriers through education. Together, they would build more than 5,300 “Rosenwald schools” throughout the rural South. Rosenwald believed in only making large donations when other partners had substantial “skin in the game.” An equal division of finances from himself, local government, and community combined to fund the schools.  

Rosenwald schools targeted middle school-aged children, providing vital education when obligations to household work started to demand their time. Washington and Rosenwald’s work provided an essential service in preparing young men and women to desire more for their lives than working manual labor jobs.

By the time Juniper Level opened in 1926, Rosenwald schools had sprouted across the nation. North Carolina boasted the most of any state with several built-in and around the Wake County area. 

As Shaw University alum Ella Perry recently told Walter Magazine, the community constructed the school. She explained, “I listened to my dad talk about how the men in the community built the school.” Timber for the building came from her uncle’s farm. Many pitched in to contribute to making the school a local centerpiece. Across the country, similar efforts made Rosenwald schools the pride of local communities almost everywhere they were found. 

The mission of the Rosenwald schools ended in 1956 when Chief Justice Earl Warren led the United States Supreme Court to strike down segregated schools. As children integrated across the country, school systems built for black students disintegrated as they joined their fellow students at established white schools. 

Many students like Ms. Perry kept fond memories of their time in schools like Juniper Level even as the nation made the right decision to strike down school segregation, one of the more odious aspects of Jim Crow laws.

Today, the building may no longer serve as an active educational facility, but it has lost none of the love and admiration from the community. Just as when built nearly a century ago, the local community has come together to raise money, donate supplies, and a lot of elbow grease to restore the building to its original splendor.

HTI is proud to support the efforts of Juniper Level Missionary Baptist Church as it leads the way in restoring this community’s crown jewel. Just as we refurbish old laptops for new uses, this building can help the church expand its mission to help young men and women achieve their goals. We proudly make a Google Chromebook donation to assist in these efforts.

Together we can make what was old and possibly forgotten a new pillar of hope and success.